ATxmega Complete Pinouts

June 3rd 2011

The ATxmega devices from Atmel do not have a complete pinout drawn in their datasheets. So here it is, at least for A4 and D4 devices.

Creole Wiki Markup

June 26th 2010

I’ve been using bitbucket for some time now to host my hgdeps Mercurial extension. I’ve never used any of the many features that bitbucket offers, including issue tracking and wiki hosting.

Parameter Estimation by Model Checking for Biological Systems

May 20th 2010

During the last two semesters, I’ve been working as a member of the laboratory of systems biology on methods for estimation of parameters of biological systems. A paper is currently being written, which will hopefully appear on International Workshop on High Performance Computational Systems Biology (HiBi 2010). Though there still is work to be done, I’d like to summarize the results here in hopes that this text may also serve as a final report for the class “PA183 – Project in Systems Biology”…